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Product Category: Cubicle

Item#: WS-103

Title: Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles

Description: Great color combination of light gray frame with silver, tan and green tiles comes with many options.

Manufacturer & Line:

Condition: Pre-owned

Quantity Available: 60

Overall Size: 8x8 or any 2' module

Spine Size: 70"

Spine Height: 54"

Side Panel Size: 24", 48"

Side Panel Height 1: 54" (or add 16" high modules)

Side Panel Height 2: 54" (or add 16" high modules)

Worksurfaces: 48" corner, manager peninsula available

Storage: Mobile pedestal

Details: Electrified spine, Step down panels, clear glass tiles, paper flow accessories

Color Description: Light gray trim with medium gray worksurfaces; silver exterior and tan interior.

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