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Product Category: Cubicle

Item#: WS-101

Title: Herman Miller Ethospace surrounds or full stations

Description: Beautiful, almost new surrounds that can be purchased as surrounds only, with freestanding tables or with work surfaces. Includes shelf, pedestals, etc. as needed. Wide variety of cubicle sizes possible with this inventory. White tones great for a bright office environment.

Manufacturer & Line: Herman Miller; Ethospace

Condition: Pre-owned

Quantity Available: 550 panels

Overall Size: 6x6 or larger

Spine Size: 72" or 96"

Spine Height: 62"

Side Panel Size: 36', 72" or 96"

Side Panel Height 1: 54" (or add 16" high modules)

Side Panel Height 2: 46" (or add 16" high modules)

Worksurfaces: As required

Storage: As required

Details: Electrified spine, Step down panels, frosted glass tiles, grooved base trim

Color Description: Soft white trim and panels with off white and tan/green fabric tiles

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