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Panel Height Guide


38": Low Panels (No Privacy) 

Low panels provide no privacy and are useful when communication among associates is encouraged or required. They are also useful in facilitating supervision and are commonly used as reception stations.

46" - 54": Mid Panels (Seated Privacy)

Seated privacy panel heights provide a degree of visual privacy when seated. They are typically used in environments where some privacy is useful, but communication, interaction or occasional supervision is helpful.

62"- 70": High Panels (Standing Privacy)

Standing privacy panel heights afford general visual privacy in the workstation even when others are standing nearby. This is generally the minimum panel height for use of overhead storage bins & shelving.

86"- 102": Full Height Panels (Full Privacy / Private Office)

Full height panels can nearly reach full ceiling heights, providing an effective visual and acoustic privacy.

Combination Panel Heights

It is common to utilize a combination of panel heights to customize a workstation to meet specific needs.