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Components of a Workstation


  1. Panels are combined in a variety of widths and heights to meet the specific needs of your workforce. Fabric and paint colors are selected to compliment your decor.
  2. Surfaces are available in a variety of lengths & colors; made of durable wood or laminate.
  3. 2-Way Connector pictured above. 3 and 4-way connectors are used to create common panel configurations.
  4. Flipper Door Unit: Locking overhead storage for binders and other material.
  5. Full Height Shelf: Open, easy access storage.
  6. Half Height Shelf: Open, easy access storage.
  7. Keyboard Tray: Often utilized to allow adjustment to meet ergonomic needs.
  1. Powered Panel (at Kick Plate): Provides power to the workstation. In some cases this can be installed above the work surface (beltline).
  2. Lateral File: High-capacity file storage for letter and legal size documents.
  3. Box, Box, File Pedestal: Two 6" utility drawers and one 12" filing drawer. Available in both stationary and mobile (as shown).
  4. File, File Pedestal: Two 12" filing drawers
  5. Tackable Panel Tile: Optional tackable surface. Fabric can be matched or used as an accent.
  6. Rail Tile Panel & Accessories: Optional rail tile & accessories can be used to keep the clutter off one's desk. Select from a range of organizational accessories to suite your needs.
  7. Task Lighting can be mounted under both shelving and flipper door units.