Our Philosophy

  • Provide the optimum value to our clients
  • Commitment to sustainability and a better built environment
  • Integrity in all aspects of our practice
  • High level of service resulting in client satisfaction
  • Create spaces that are enriching and enduring

Innovation - Performance - Design

We use creativity, top quality products and our professional interior design skills to create an exceptional office space for you.

RBA Furniture Solutions is here to make your life easy and your work environment exceptional. We understand all aspects of office environments, especially with respect to furniture selection, product delivery and move coordination. We have move planning tools to get you organized and know the best resources in the community to make your project successful. If you need design, we can implement design services from our sister company
RBA Design.

Our Services


Interior Design

The goal of creating an office space that creates a positive work environment and public image begins with hiring the right interior designer.

Many people can plan furniture layouts or pick color and materials, but the best result comes from working with an interior designer that understands every aspect of office design.  There are many issues to consider, and decisions at every step of the process affect the end product and how successful the space will be.  Each project is unique, and the size and complexity determines what process you follow.



RBA Furniture Solutions focuses on providing high value solutions. We offer cubicle and seating refurbishment to help you create the right look. Whether refurbishing your own product, or purchasing from our stock, we can give you a new look for a fraction of the price of new. Many of our clients have made their furnishings budget go further by purchasing new furnishings in the public areas (reception, conference, etc.) and using refurbished cubicles in the rest of the office space. The result is beautiful office environment at significant savings.

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Relocation Services

RBA Furniture Solution is equipped to help you with your move needs. We understand the importance of a smooth move and make every effort to assist throughout the move process. We have many years of experience following each step of the process from early site selection and programming through construction and occupancy. We know the pitfalls and strive to prevent bumps in the road during your changes. We tailor our services to meet your needs. Whether it’s simple guidance with some check lists, or full turn key project management, we’re equipped with the tools to help you with your move.


Planning and Procurement

RBA Furniture Solutions prepares detailed installation drawings for all our projects. We use the latest software available to specify each and every part needed to make your project complete. Once input into the system, our software tracks your order. Coupled with a rigorous quality control process, your order arrives complete and ready to install. Pre-owned and refurbished inventories are usually available in our 23,000 square foot warehouse in Kent, WA. If we don’t have what you want, we can reach out to our network of over 1,500 dealers nationwide to find the right product meeting your needs. All new orders are shipped and staged in our warehouse so it’s ready to install when the space is ready for occupancy.



RBA Furniture Solutions assists many clients with furniture liquidation. If you need to liquidate old furniture we encourage you to start the process early. We are available to do an on site evaluation and help you meet your deadline and make the liquidation as cost effective as possible. We often recycle product we liquidate through our pre-owned and refurbished furniture offerings. If we can’t use your product we will help find the best solution for liquidating the product. We may need to find the right home for your furniture so be sure to allow as much time as possible.


Vendor Resources

RBA Furniture Solutions has an established network of professionals and vendors to help you with whatever your office space needs may be. These resources include real estate brokers, data cabling and telephone companies, audio visual consultants, real estate attorneys and moving companies. Feel free to contact us and let us recommend the right resources for your project.


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